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HollywoodMom Celebrates The All Important Job of Motherhood This Halloween

by on Tuesday, October 2th 2013, under Parenting

When I started the HollywoodMom website, I envisioned leisurely days spent at my desk on my computer with a cup of coffee by my side, and my garden’s latest blooms on the table next to me. I envisioned calm hours while my children were at school and me and my thoughts would blend together and flow out of me and onto my website. I envisioned picking up my children at 3 o’clock from school with manicured nails, beautiful clothes (think Banana Republic Ad here), and a happy smile on my face, all the while knowing that I had put in my time at the computer and had created magnificent blog entries. Of course dinner would be simmering on the stove as I sat down and did homework with my children. Laughing, giggles, and my brilliant homework solutions would all be part of my vision. HA!

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HollywodMom wants to keep the Arts in Education

by on Tuesday, September 2th 2013, under Parenting

Everyone asks me what is my secret for having (knock on wood here) such hard working and successful children.

Both my son and daughter are involved in theatre and are pursuing careers in the entertainment business at an early age.

When my son was freshman in high school 2 years ago many of his friends found time on Friday and Saturday nights to get together and look for ways to entertain themselves. That word ‘entertain’ has very loose meaning, btw. Too much down time at a very critical age in my opinion…

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HollywoodMom has a Gardening Fetish

by on Thursday, July 4th 2013, under Summer Series

For many of us a garden represents luxury and beauty. That garden from the South of France from the pages of Homes and Gardens may seem out of reach…but think again. It may be something within your reach…and something that is able to transfer your home into a fantasy villa of your dreams. All you need is a little patch of dirt…front, side or back of your home…a little imagination, a good gardening book and a some patience. And the desire to transform your home into a sanctuary. My parents were always into their gardens…but not me. I was a glamour girl. Please. Who had the time? I had gorgeous nails and the attention span of a hummingbird. Then Chazz and I moved into a beautiful little cottage in the Hollywood Hills and I discovered roses. I quickly became a bff to my sweet gardener who taught me so much. In between auditions and plays and film shoots I ran home and clipped my roses, planted wisteria and lavender. I was hooked. And I wanted that dream garden from the magazines. Little by little it took hold and I became a gardener.

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